Me: Do you like it here?

Ethiopian cab driver: I like America very much. But Las Vegas? No. Vegasians, they are not like other people in Boston or Kansas City. A doctor is supposed to be a doctor—he gets his first degree, he goes back to school for five, six, seven years, he gets his MD. Here, they ask me to take urine and blood tests for this job. When I was in Virginia, I give urine, I give blood, they send the results to the company. Here, I go in to the doctor’s office, he says, “Did you pay the girl at the front desk?” I say, “Yes,” he says, “Does your back hurt? Anything else?” I say, “No.” He writes down the”results” on a piece of paper and tells me to leave. 

Me: He didn’t take your blood or anything?

ECD: No. Nobody cares here.

Me: It is sad to see homeless people in all of this, uh, stuff. And the looks on the faces of the girls serving drinks in the casino pits…

ECD: This city: it does not exist anywhere else, and it is the Kingdom of the Devil.

Author: samthielman

Sam Thielman is a reporter and critic based in Brooklyn, New York. His blog is, his twitter handle is @samthielman, and if you can't find him you should check The Strand.

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