Milo Manara is an Italian artist who gets a lot of love from indie comics fans and is a much bigger deal in Europe than the States, but among comic artists, he’s very well-regarded and he and Chris Claremont did a great one-shot called X-Women, to which this was the cover.

I try not to post too much girly art on here, just because it quickly becomes a bottomless pit of sleaze, but I do like some of the cheesecakier comics artists and Frank Cho is definitely one of the best. Here’s his “X-Chicks” drawing from a few years back. Enjoy responsibly.

Another Bill Sienkiewicz—Psylocke, from the first Fleer Ultra X-Men series. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “I wonder what kind of taste Marvel Comics has?”, consider that Sienkiewicz got a few spot illustrations for this set of cards, and the chases are a really absurd fisheye-perspective puzzle painting by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, the Thomases Kinkade of comic art.