Milo Manara is an Italian artist who gets a lot of love from indie comics fans and is a much bigger deal in Europe than the States, but among comic artists, he’s very well-regarded and he and Chris Claremont did a great one-shot called X-Women, to which this was the cover.

I try not to post too much girly art on here, just because it quickly becomes a bottomless pit of sleaze, but I do like some of the cheesecakier comics artists and Frank Cho is definitely one of the best. Here’s his “X-Chicks” drawing from a few years back. Enjoy responsibly.

There are a lot of cool artists associated with the X-Men, but frankly the one I like the best is and will always be Chris Bachalo. His run on Generation X is just incredibly good, and while I’m not Scott Lobdell’s biggest fan, even the talkiest stories were worth reading when Bachalo drew them. He’s awesome.

Another Bill Sienkiewicz—Psylocke, from the first Fleer Ultra X-Men series. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “I wonder what kind of taste Marvel Comics has?”, consider that Sienkiewicz got a few spot illustrations for this set of cards, and the chases are a really absurd fisheye-perspective puzzle painting by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, the Thomases Kinkade of comic art.

And here’s another great Ross painting of the X-Men. This guy’s name gets tossed around as the greatest artist who ever lived, which I realize is annoying, but he’s not jut a photorealistic painter. He has a great sense of composition and movement, as illustrated here.