Full text of TSA complaint

I told the huge tall blond guy at the bag check I wanted to opt out of the scanner and he said “it’s going to be a long wait.” I said, “okay” and he just stood there. After a minute or two he muttered “male opt-out” and a colleague across the room said “we only have one guy and he’s doing two bag checks.” Blond guy: “I know.” Nobody moved to tell anyone else that I was waiting. Nobody volunteered to do the patdown themselves. After a couple of minutes I said, “I’ll just go through the scanner.”

I do not want to go through your scanners. Radiation exposure is cumulative over a lifetime and I don’t want more than my share for the amusement of the illiterate scofflaws who dictate TSA policy. I resent being treated like I’m returning a broken television to KMart when I try to opt out of a body scan.