No Talking

Ponder the person who pauses, a word
for the fellow whose phrases disincline to herd:
Though his diction is dim, often his causes
are noble indeed, though badly obscured.
His phonemes are fleeting but his mind thoroughbred;
He keeps regular quiet but in fact the fact is
though he isn’t bleating—he’s assumed to be dead—
and at causing a riot he is out of practice
(a good thing, too, for the communicator
who yells down a banshee and outshouts a train
is pretty much never that seldom tomater,
a stirring orator with full use of his brain)
the ponderous person, we’ve noticed, the blight
on the landscape in which we’re conversin’—he might
cause an air of festivity slowly to worsen,
but sometimes he’s also conceivably right.

—SBT 2014