I understand why people hate Frank Miller. I think his blog post on Occupy Wall Street was stupid and poorly informed and very obviously the work of someone who lived in New York during the Taxi Driver era and doesn’t seem to understand that the city and its youth culture have changed drastically. I’m sorry he kind of lost his shit after 9/11, both for him and for myself and other comics fans, who lost a great satirist who zagged when a lot of people zigged and now have to deal with an elder statesman who’s gone predictable, conservative baby boomer nutsoid like a depressingly huge number of racist grandpas across the country. But it’s not easy to hate Reagan and hippies, and Miller did it well for a long time.

I still think he’s a brilliant, vibrant, worthwhile artist who does really compelling work even when it’s in the service of ignorant tripe like the story in Holy Terror, a page of which I’ve posted here.