Stray thoughts: “bad art” edition

I would rather eat glass than directly engage with people who think it's necessary or at all useful to police the content of artistic work for political respectability as determined by the least generous contextual interpretation of that work and a similarly magnanimous assessment of the intentions of the people who created it. I shit … Continue reading Stray thoughts: “bad art” edition

On whether or not it’s “Biblical” to enforce “the law”

Jeff Sessions is a vile, despicable racist, who famously only objects to the Klan because they smoke weed, but he's being cited, as is Sarah Huckabee Sanders, whose job it is simply to lie extravagantly, quoting Romans 13, the most important bulwark of fascism and irrational cruelty under the law against the compassion of Jesus … Continue reading On whether or not it’s “Biblical” to enforce “the law”